Detroit Lions Mock 2013 Draft

The Lions currently hold 8 draft picks in the 2013 NFL draft. 3 of their picks are in the top 65 overall, while they have 5 picks on the second day. Here is what we believe they will do with each pick.

1st Round (#5 overall): CB Dee Milliner (Alabama). Here is the only draft pick we believe is a guarantee for the Lions if he falls in their lap.
2nd Round (#36 overall): OT Menelik Watson (Florida State). We believe the Lions attempt to shore up their offensive line after the top lineman are gone before pick #5 in the first round. They take a first round talent early in the 2nd round here.
3rd Round (#65 overall): CB David Amerson (North Carolina State). A steal of a pick for the Lions here as Amerson is one of the top CB available and was a projected 1st round pick last year.
4th Round (#132 overall): CB Tyrann Mathieu (LSU). It’s not a secret that the Lions secondary was horrible last year. Mathieu is a high risk/high reward pick as his skills on the field are great but his off-field troubles could de-rail his career. A 4th round pick has no guaranteed money and is a good risk for the Lions here.
5th Round (#137 overall): DE William Gholston (Michigan State). The Lions stay in their own backyard and take the replacement to DE Cliff Avril in Gholston. He is a physical freak of nature and can come in and play a role as a rookie.
6th Round (#171 overall): TE Dion Sims (Michigan State). The Lions make it back to back Spartans in their selection of SIms. A good talent with a great build, he can come in and be the 3rd TE this year and replace Scheffler after next year.
7th Round (#211 overall): S Robert Lester (Alabama). Another future draft pick to be used to groom a safety to take over for Louis Delmas incase he is lost to free-agency next year.


Let us know what you think of this draft and how it fits the Lions!


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